A licence applicant looks at traffic signs to prepare for a test. Some older people with permanent licences may need retesting. (Photo by Pattanapong Hirunard) They also need to have medical certificates showing they are fit to drive. Policies must be based on sound and comprehensive information. Whether or not to retest or to revoke lifetime driving licences then depends significantly on the accurate number of lifetime driving licences and road accidents among senior drivers. Providing an accurate database is the responsibility of the Department of Land Transport. Accuracy can be achieved by linking the database of drivers holding lifetime licences with the information in the civil registration system run by the Department of Provincial Administration. Linking the two systems will show the drivers' current status as well as ascertain the existing number of people who hold lifetime driving licences. If the number of senior drivers with lifetime licences is very small compared to the total number of drivers and road accidents, then there will be no need to renew or revoke their driving licences. The cost-effective measure is to wait until those driving licences expire when the owners pass away. But if the number of senior drivers with lifetime driving licences is substantial and affects road safety, then the government must consider renewing the licences. Between public safety and private citizens' rights, public safety must be the priority. Should the government decide to revoke or renew lifetime driving licences, it must amend the Motor Vehicle Act by specifying the age of senior drivers whose driving licences need to be revoked. We recommend they should be in the 60-70 age group. Should senior drivers want to continue driving, they must take a retest to show that they are still fit to drive before receiving a regular five-year driving licence. The retest criteria or measures should be clarified in the ministerial regulations or the operators' rule books. The debate on the need to retest senior drivers is not new. It resurfaces every time there are efforts to address the issue his explanation of senior drivers and road safety. Effective measures can protect senior drivers and increase road safety. Making every driver operate under the same standard rules will strengthen international confidence in Thailand's measures on road safety. Hopefully, this can improve Thailand's tattered image as one of the world's most dangerous places to drive.


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Although the OPE report could not find conclusive evidence for how issuing undocumented immigrants licenses would affect road safety, it did find that accidents with unlicensed drivers are three times deadlier than those with licensed drivers; the average property damage claim involving an unlicensed driver is $22,000 higher; and unlicensed drivers are 9.5 times more likely to flee the scene of a fatal accident. Utah and New Mexico saw drops in state rates of uninsured drivers, traffic fatalities and alcohol-related crashes after the implementation of similar programs, according to a Colorado fiscal study cited by the bill’s proponents . The report also predicted that of the roughly 37,000 undocumented immigrants living in Idaho, about 17,600 would sign up for the card in the first 30 months of the program. Similar programs in neighboring states could serve as a model for Idaho, OPE director Rakesh Mohan wrote in his Jan. 21 introduction to the report. The cost for implementation could be offset by the $25 fee for cardholders, bringing in an estimated $700,000 in 30 months, according to press releases. “If the Legislature were to grant driving authority to unauthorized immigrants, the cost to provide such authority would be offset by revenue from fees of the program,” Mohan wrote. Guthrie cited wide support from businesses and leaders across Idaho industries, many of whom want to make driving safer and easier for immigrants who are already living and working in Idaho. Wayne Hammon, CEO of the Associated General Contractors of Idaho, said that’s one of the reasons why the organization is supporting the bill. “Contractors operate all across the state,” Hammon told the Statesman. “They have large fleets of vehicles … that spend a lot of time on the road. In addition, about half of my members work on road construction and they’re in the roadway. They look at the idea of bringing people who are driving illegally or driving out of the system, onto the system, holding them accountable, giving them training … is a good investment. I mean, it’ll save lives, and it will reduce costs for employers.” The Idaho Dairymen’s Association supported the idea of the legislation last year before Guthrie decided not to introduce it. CEO Rick Naerebout echoed Hammon’s beliefs and said Idaho can’t solve federal immigration problems. “We’re kidding ourselves if we think these individuals are not here and not driving already,” Naerebout said. “For us it’s going to be an opportunity that will make them a more reliable employee, transporting themselves to and from work, more readily and without fear of driving without a license.” ‘DRIVING WITHOUT FEAR’ PETITION RAISING SUPPORT FOR IMMIGRANT DRIVER’S LICENSES A grass-roots effort to raise support for immigrant driving privileges is running parallel to the legislation’s introduction. The Manejando Sin Miedo campaign (Driving Without Fear), organized by advocacy group PODER of Idaho and the ACLU of Idaho, is gathering signatures from around the state for a petition supporting driving privileges. “PODER is excited the Drivers Authorization Card Proposal is moving forward through the legislative process,” executive director Estefania Mondragon told the Statesman on Friday.