Alison Pray, a Southern Utah University track and cross-country athlete, speaks in support of HB302 during a House Education Committee meeting at the State Office Building in Salt Lake City on Thursday, Feb. 11, 2021. The bill would bar transgender athletes at public schools to participate in girls sports. These issues don’t belong debated in your state house,” he said. During the bill’s emotional first committee hearing last week, several female track athletes from Southern Utah University showed up to support the bill, some of whom spoke about their experiences running against a transgender athlete from another school. They and other female athletes expressed fears of losing their hard-earned spots in athletics. Rep. Kera Birkeland, R-Morgan, said her bill will promote fairness in sports. “Across America, there are stories of individuals who identified as male at birth competing against our female athletes. These individuals who identified as male at birth are breaking records that no female will be able to reach. They’re taking championships, titles and scholarships from our female athletes,” Birkeland said. LGBTQ advocates have decried the bill’s constitutionality and how it could affect transgender youth. Governor not comfortable with current bill The bill made its way to the House floor on Wednesday. During that hearing, another debate heated up between some lawmakers who said it would even the playing field and others who fear it would damage transgender youth, hurt the state’s economy and lead to hefty lawsuits against the state. The bill passed the house with a 50-23 vote largely along party lines. Gov. Spencer Cox says he won’t sign transgender sports bill as now written But when asked Thursday if he will sign the bill should it also pass the Senate, Utah Gov. Spencer Cox called it “complicated and difficult” and said “people on both sides of the issue are actually right.” “There’s a lot of passion, a lot of fiery rhetoric, a lot of name-calling on both sides of the issue,” the governor said, adding that “there are biological advantages with your birth gender. Those are biological facts, and nobody disputes that at all. It is also a fact that women’s sports has had a disadvantage for many, many years. We’ve gotten better but we still have a ways to go.” click here. When pressed whether he would sign the bill, Cox said, “I”m not in a place yet where I’m comfortable with the bill as it stands right now. ... Those discussions are ongoing.


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